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Each week we will post a NEW challenge that takes the topic of “plastics in the ocean” and turns it up…down…and inside out.  These projects give you a chance to grow your BEAUTIFUL brains and exercise your writing, math, science, history, reading, AND art skills!

Every time you complete and turn in a weekly challenge…you get one more entry in the Bottles for Change raffle for amazing prizes!!!!

so…are you in!?!?!



Leonardo Da Vinci was an amazing artist and inventor who lived in the 15 Century. Not only did he create really cool paintings like the Mona Lisa, he compiled over a thousand pages of notes and drawings to describe his ideas, inventions, and theories. If Leonardo was alive today, what do you think he would invent out of a pile of empty plastic beverage bottles?

da_2 To complete the challenge:
Find emptied out plastic bottles (abandoned or
headed for the recycle bin) and create
your OWN amazing invention!Maybe it will be something
that changes the world!
Or makes it more beautiful…or helps
animals.  Whatever it is, we want to
know about it!So to complete the challenge, and
score a “bottle point” for the raffle:1) design and build your invention
2) take a photo of it
3) write a paragraph that describes
what the invention is, how it works,and why it’s importantEmail everything to
OR drop your project at
the school bottle drop.
(don’t forget your name and contact
information)We will feature it on
http://www.bottlesforchange.orgTop inventions will receive a prize!

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must DO.
~Leonardo Da Vinci

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