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bep logo What is Bodhi!?!?  Since 2006, Bodhi Education Project has been providing unique learning opportunities to children and families.  We became an official 501c3 in 2010 with a mission to create educational programming that expands our awareness of the human experience.  Our initiatives empower kids to explore, understand, and create positive change, allowing them to connect with the world and, in turn, share responsibility in taking care of it.  We are teaching tomorrow’s leaders in art, science, music, medicine, theatre, politics, and education to act with compassion and to take an active role in protecting all living things. 
+H2O_logo_G2W_web +H2O (Positive H2O) is a peer-based movement for clean water.  Founded by professional athletes making an impact on our water playground through collective action, we create community platforms, educate youth through our school programs and help our non-profit partners, corporate supporters and their employees to work toward a brighter, more sustainable future.
hwf Hawai`i Wildlife Fund is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to the conservation of Hawai`i’s native wildlife.  We collaborate with other scientists to obtain knowledge about threatened and endangered species in order to assist in their recovery.  We forge alliances and partnerships with community organizations and businesses to educate visitors and residents of Hawai`i about the marine ecosystem and impending threats.  We support various University of Hawai`i student projects through research and education programs.  Hawai`i Wildlife Fund is specifically dedicated to:
•  Provide funding for Hawai`i wildlife conservation, research and education proposals from qualified scientists, university programs, and private organizations.
•  Provide a natural history education program that will supply educational materials and train individuals to be instructors to the general public on Hawai`i’s wildlife.
•  Perform research on Hawai`i’s wildlife and ecosystems to facilitate identification and resolution of problems threatening their existence.
•  Solicit funds to finance the above objectives from the Hawai`i community and other sources.


Da Kine
Big Kahuna Adventures Maui
Hawaiian Island Surf & Sport
Maui country club
Rick Kepler – tennis lesson
Sailboards Maui

Special thanks to Sheldon and Shauna Gardiner

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